Losing Twin – Hope (2021)

Love, coming of age and finding your place in the world are all things that people have to go through regardless of who or where they are. Losing Twin has taken these experiences and turned them into the EP Hope. Each track is like a chapter of life through your early twenties where you still feel too young for the real world but are faced with adult struggles.

While the tracks are all extremely relatable, there is a personal touch to them as they explore the development of Peter Seidel, the man behind the music. While Seidel writes the songs, plays guitar, piano and bass while singing, Andreas Meid is there to help with production. At live shows, Meid also plays the keyboard.

The EP starts with ‘Lullaby’ which looks at falling in love for the first time. There is a nostalgic feeling to the opening that tinges the entire song. The rather chilled vibes of the music fill you with warmth as you slip into the loving descriptions in the lyrics. Seidel’s vocals have a tender touch to them as he pulls you into the feeling of falling in love for the first time. Through his performance, you get the feeling that you can find your happiness with the other person. There is a youthful sense of conviction in this belief that captures the mindset of first love.

‘Two Litte’ has a very different feeling to the opening track with a grounded feeling. There are moments of stop-start to the melody that judders your emotions. It is an interesting track that brings the completely opposite feeling to the opening track as the lyrics delve into the first breakup you go through. The interesting movement brings the sad and negative emotions you feel at this time to life. Through the vocals, you are filled with the heartbreak of the moment and a sense of not knowing how to move on. There is a really great modern feeling to this song that shines within the rest of the EP.

While ‘Misty Eyes’ is also about a breakup, it takes a very different approach to the last track. There is a hazy melancholy that fills the soundscape like the blurring of your vision as your eyes fill with tears. While there is a sadness in the melody, there is also a feeling of light for the future. The almost folky feeling of the track leads you to accepting the breakup and remembering the good things you used to share with the person. This song really leads you out of the darkness of a breakup and into the light of a new beginning. The emotional journey shines through in the melody while the vocals are a gentle ray of light that slowly warms you.

‘Hope’ moves away from relationships but retains the emotional hits. There is a raw feeling to this acoustic track that hits you hard in the chest. The song has an underlying feeling of hopelessness woven around the need to help a friend. Through the poetic lyrics, you are reminded that you are not alone and that there are people you can lean on when you need to. It is a very touching single that is packed with both negative and positive emotions. Anyone who has tried to help a friend without knowing if they can will relate to this track.

The EP comes to a close with ’24 Missed Calls’ which gets your head moving to the melody from the first moment. While the melody has a really chilled movement in the opening, the lyrics tackle isolation. The self-imposed isolation of the narrative gives way to a plea for forgiveness from the people who have been neglected by it. The easy almost floating vibe of the opening moves to a more rolling tone. There is a delightfully smooth feeling to the track that is wonderful to sink into while you ease through the gentle movements of the vocals.

Losing Twin hits you with five very different tracks that take you through the different chapters of early adulthood in Hope. The EP touches on major events in life from falling in love to first breakups and asking for forgiveness after self-imposed isolation. Each track pulls on your heartstrings in a different way but they are all equally engaging and emotive.

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