Low Girl – Big Now (2021)

Low Girl is attacking apathy with her latest single ‘Big Now’. Spurred on by frustration over climate change and the attitude of every person for themselves, she reminds all of us to fight against the apathy that is abundant in society. With an expressive plea and a sparse synth line, she considers how our planet is being destroyed for wealth that cannot be taken with us to the grave.

The track follows up on her devastating debut and is the title track of her upcoming debut EP. Drawing on inspiration from a range of artists, she creates music with a universal theme told from her unique perspective. Wrapped in relatable emotions and a unique identity, the single will make you want to fight for what is right.

‘Big Now’ warbles to life and vibrates against your ears as it effortlessly draws you into the soundscape. While the thumping beat takes over from the vibrating opening, they remain in the lower levels of the melody. The light synth line pops around in the background while those beats get you tapping to their rhythm. There is a reflective feeling to the melody woven into the paced music. The movement of the music has you washed in apathy through the vibrating tones only to get pumped up by the beats and synths as the single progresses.

The vocals in the opening have a slightly depressed feeling to them as you are washed in the apathy of the world. This turns into a plea when the beats hit, but there is an acknowledgement that your feelings are being pushed aside. This is enhanced by the chorus that calls out those who don’t care about others. As you listen, the track continues to plead with you, but it takes a different turn and will have you pumped up. Through her performance, you question others and understand that you need to be the change you want to see.

Low Girl attacks the apathy that is rife in society while filling you with the urge to make a change in ‘Big Now’. The layers of the melody come together for a reflective feeling that gets swept up in thumping beats. Her vocals bring a sense of acknowledgement of the apathy in the world and a plea to change things.

Find out more about Low Girl on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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