Lucid Safari – Delirium (2022)

Ludic Safari is really letting us know what they are all about with their debut EP Delirium. The five tracks of the EP are packed with passion, poetry and the essential vibes of the band. By the end of the EP, your senses will be drenched in summer sun, hazy concrete beach walkways and fresh blasts of ocean air.

Packing a serious dreamy surf rock vibe, the EP really sets the bar for the band, while transporting you to a beach bonfire party. Adding a splash of reggae and funk to the sound, this Australian band turns the reputation they have built on stage into an engaging studio experience. Their blend of music has seen them supporting artists such as Ian Moss, Fat Picnic and Kate Miller Heidkie.

The EP opens with ‘Flickering Lights’ that slowly beckons you into the soundscape with a rather watery vibe. It is like the sounds call to you through the ocean, before you break the water’s surface into the vibes of the guitar. There is an amazing twang to the guitar that creates a hazy summer vibe that you can’t help but bop around to. The vocals have decadent harmonies that draw you close and settle on your skin like the warm rays of the sun. There is a heat packed into the track that comes through in both the melody and vocals. It is a really engaging opening to the EP and hooks you, getting you eager for what is to come.

The title track ‘Delirium’ warps into your ears with a building tone that slides into a rather epic guitar line. The warble of the guitar vibrates into your soul while the vocals bring the coolness of shadows to sun-heated skin. There is a seductive flow to the vocals that rise into a soar for the chorus. The interplay between the vocals and guitar is amazing as they lead into each other, only to bolster their movements. It is an extremely catchy track that delves into a strange feeling of detachment. It is like you can feel the emotions of the track, but are unable to fully connect to them. Through all of this, you are going to find yourself swaying to the infectious vibes of the music.

‘Liquid Dreams’ brings a funkier feeling to the EP with a deep bass and moving drum. You can feel the sun setting through the music before the vocals bring a story of a person you can’t help but be drawn to. There is a delightful spiral woven into the lyrics that tell the tale of falling into a dream about someone. While there is a slower feeling to this track, the infectious vibes of the rest of the EP are packed in. You can’t stop listening to the track, while falling into the story of the lyrics that paint a clear picture in your mind. As you listen to the track, you feel the urge to stay in the liquid dream with the band.

The strummed opening of ‘Lady’ brings a different feeling to the track, but it retains the beach vibes of the EP. The soaring electric guitar sinks its talons into your brain and takes you out over the ocean. The rolling drums have you tumbling into the vocals that carry a heartfelt sentiment of affection for someone. This is one of those songs that you want to blare from speakers while the sun is shining and you are having a blast with friends and family. The movement of the guitars are addictive in their soaring flow, while the vocals reach out for a connection with a gentle question and plea. The wash to the music that comes later is wonderful as it brings everything close.

The EP comes to a close with ‘Always on My Mind’ which uses some real surf vibes to get your attention. The slower pace of the vocals in the opening brings a touch of reggae to the EP. There is no way to stop the little smile that the music puts on your face from the first moment. While you vibe to the music, the lyrics touch on the way thoughts of people spiral in our brains, whether we want them to be there or not. As the lyrics touch on thinking about someone, there is a different message woven in for artists and music lovers who constantly have certain songs running through their minds all the time. The catchy movement of the chorus will get this song stuck in your brain.

Lucid Safari set the bar with their debut EP Delirium which brings a warm beach vibe and catchy melodics to our ears. Each track carries something that is intrinsically Lucid Safari, while twisting it into something unique. There is an addictive tone that reaches out through all the tracks and will have you hooked to the band’s sound.

Find out more about Lucid Safari on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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