Macarena – Mañana (2021)

Using her passion for poetry and love of music, Dutch artist Macarena is known for writing moving songs with soothing melodies. Raised in Amsterdam, the talented songstress discovered her love for music while listening to jazz artists; however, it was in 2017 that she combined the jazz side with an alternative pop side. Following the well-received debut single ‘Mind’, Macarena released her EP Rebirth in 2018 along with several singles in 2020. It is her aim to make 2021 as successful and she begins the year ‘Mañana’.

A collaborative effort between independent artists CRZE and Macarena, ‘Mañana’ has a soft, soothing and flowing sound. Known for his “electropop” music, CRZE brings hints of soul to Macarena’s jazz meets pop design creating a hazy ambience in ‘Mañana’. With an interesting melodic arrangement, the new single merges joviality and lovelorn wistfulness in just under three minutes.

While I do not understand the language as it is sung in Spanish, I do understand the intimacy in the track. With an underlying sensuality, Macarena adds a moving element to the enchanting single. Noted as tapping “into love and the role of jealousy herein”, ‘Mañana’ is a kaleidoscopic soundscape of edgy lyricism, passionate attitudes and haunting melancholy. I have no idea what she is saying but it’s completely soul-stirring in its execution.

In addition to her single, Macarena released an official lyric video for ‘Mañana’. Simplistic in its design, the official video is easy to watch, soothing and entertaining. Following Macarena and CRZE on a photoshoot, it adds an insightful visual representation of the charming song. It is odd that something so basic can capture so well the intensity, intimacy and innocence of Macarena’s track. Just shows sometimes less is more.

For more from Macarena check out her official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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