Gentry Blue – Pyrite and Steel (2021)

Gentry Blue had us lost in the sounds of their last release. Now, they are delving further into their mixture of grunge and psychedelic rock with their EP Pyrite and Steel. Featuring gothic undertones, powerful vocals, electric violins and pulsing guitar riffs, the tracks of the EP roar through contemplations of existential questions and the nuances of relationships.

The five tracks of the EP draw on the band’s influences including Rush, Kansas and Janis Joplin. While the intensity of their last releases is present in the EP, there is a completely different vibe to the tracks. Pulling you into their soundscape, they effortlessly capture your imagination while thinking about what they have to say.

The EP starts with ‘Cutthroat’ which sinks its hooks into you from the first guitar note. There is an almost bluesy feeling to the music that makes you want to move to it. Gentry’s vocals pull you into the story of the track and lights your brain with the imagery of the lyrics. Combined with the melody, they create a lashing of rain against a window as a storm rages just out of range. This is a wonderful accompaniment to the messaging of the track that walks the line of aggressive and understanding. Through the song, you are filled with the urge to stand against the storm and cry back at it.

‘What Lies on the Other Side’ brings a softer and more nuanced approach to the lyrics than the opening track. While lacking some of the aggression, it has been replaced with intensity. The rise and fall of the vocals drive you down the soundscape before you get lost in the rise of the guitar. Every element of the track adds to the intensity of the music from the deep vocals to the almost laughing guitar in the lower levels. Through all of this, you explore the loss of purpose and identity of the lyrics.

The drums that open ‘Origin (Of Your Heartbreak)’ get your heart racing before you are eased by the electric violin. This track has a very different feeling to those that came before it. There is a touch of alt-folk woven into the violin lines that dances around the rock tones of the other instrumentation. The instruments create an interplay between the grounded nostalgic vibes of the violin and the carefree attitude of the guitars. This is accompanied by Gentry’s vocals that have a touch of retro vibes. Her performance is powerful on this track as she calls out over the music and has your soul soaring with her.

‘Familiar Ghosts’ grabs your attention with a guitar line that does feel familiar yet just different enough to really engage your senses. Gentry’s vocals have a delightful storytelling vibe to them as she soars over the guitars before dipping to grab your hand and pull you up with her. There is an almost marching feeling to the music that constantly propels you forward while the vocals do have a darker edge to them. There are a few changes in the melody that completely throws your sense of the song but is handled so well.

The EP comes to an end with ‘Downfall’ which gets your attention with a classic rock vibe. The melody has you wanting to jump around as the guitars vibrate through your chest. The vocals have a wonderful rasp and depth to them as Gentry smirks and beckons you closer. You can easily imagine the band playing this live as you get lost in the euphoria the music invokes. While you easily get caught up in the song, the lyrics have a darker tale than the enjoyable vibes of the music make you think. You will want to turn the volume up for this song and just let loose.

Gentry Blue has you delving into darkness only to rise above it on the wings of intense guitars in their EP Pyrite and Steel. Each track has a different vibe but retains the intensity and enthralling magnetism that the band does so well.

Find out more about Gentry Blue on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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