Maejis Mind – At Water (2022)

There is a timelessness to memories that we often overlook as we dive into them and allow them to sweep through our minds. Through the three tracks of At Water, Maejis Mind considers this timelessness and the process of switching from one memory to another like we would songs on a playlist. Using production styles that add an underwater element to the sound, the EP moves from yearning for the happy past to coming to terms with reality.

The second EP from Maejis Mind, the tracks continue his exploration of rock, pop and acoustic tones. A solo project by James Beasley, the music packs an emotive punch that leaves you with a wash of the best elements of rock and pop. Adding a touch of psychedelia, he creates unique sounds that you can easily get hooked to.

The EP opens with ‘Watch the Rain’ which introduces the watery soundscape that trickles through the rest of the tracks. The music in the opening warbles through you like the ripples of water while the beats shuffle forward. The vocals have a soft dreamy touch to them that is all soft clouds and floating feelings. The lyrics have yearning for the easy and happy days of the past that fill good memories. There is a touch of escapism woven into the track as you leave the daily grind behind to sink into your happy memories. This is tempered with the knowledge that reality is waiting for you and you can’t stay in the past forever.

The music of the opening track flows into the start of ‘There Was A Time’ which picks up the last thread of music and starts to rise. While there is a carryover, this track has a more psychedelic rock vibe compared to the dreaminess of the opening track. There is a wavering feeling to the music that really dives into the psychedelic vibes with distortion weaving through the melody. The vocals match this as they weave through the air seemingly just out of reach. There is something about the vocal performance that makes you want to reach out and grab the vocals. The lyrics take the next step in the journey of the EP as you consider slipping into happy memories with the knowledge that they are in the past and can never come again. The reaching out of the rock guitars is wonderful as they fly out toward the horizon taking your senses with them.

‘Face On The Water/Empty Room’ has an interesting opening that switches between different melodic lines like flicking through the tracks of an album. The melody lands on an acoustic flow that has a touch of classical tones. The lyrics move through a thought process with the main character of the EP considering how to come to terms with reality and leaving the past in the past. The movement of the vocals is a steady walk forward that wonderfully brings the reflection of the lyrics to life. While the melody flows with the acoustic guitar, there is a hazy touch of psychedelia that mists through the higher levels. This track is a wonderful ending to the EP as it brings a sense of closure and the understanding that you need to move forward.

Maejis Mind uses the three tracks of At Water to consider getting lost in happy memories and the reality of moving forward. The tracks flow into each like pools of water sprinkled with a psychedelic dusting. While there is a thread that holds the tracks together, they each have a different feeling making them unique.

Find out more about Maejis Mind on his website, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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