Maria Rodhe – Calling for You (2022)

Maria Rodhe is bringing the Eurovision vibes with her single ‘Calling for You’. A colourful dance track that glitters with the tones of EDM while moving to some Caribbean beats. With a sound that is sure to get your body moving, she dances along the border of mainstream pop while gleefully delving into a bit to the left.

Originally written for Melodifestivalen, she brings the carefree attitude of Eurovision to a really catchy soundscape. Drawing on her music school education as well as her experience performing in choirs, she merges them with dance vibes. After years spent in the corporate world, she started her musical career in earnest later in life but that does not detract from the catchiness and appeal of her sound.

‘Calling for You’ shimmers and jolts slowly into life as the sound progressively increases through the opening. You can hear the touches of EDM through the opening before the beats get a heavier touch of Caribbean vibes. Through all of this, you are hit with the bopping tones that make you want to dance around to their sound. There is a roll and jolt feeling to the music that is really great as it draws you into the propulsion of the deep beats. The kaleidoscope of moving notes fills your brain with warm sunlight and sparkling glitter. As the single progresses, organic tones make their way into the soundscape to enhance the heat of the track.

While you feel the urge to dance to the beats, Rodhe’s vocals sparkle over the melody. Her voice rises with the increase in volume through the opening. Her performance has the shimmy and sway of Latin pop to it that is enhanced by the music. It is a very catchy performance that makes you want to sing along with the chorus. Through all of the bouncing and dancing tones, there is a brightness to the vocals that warms your skin like summer sun shining down on you. The lyrics are packed with the euphoria of finding someone special and the fire they spark inside you.

Maria Rodhe brings dance energy to the shimmering kaleidoscope of sound and colours that is her single ‘Calling for You’. The melody is a rich mix of EDM, pop and carefree energy. The vocals are bolstered by the melodic movement to really get you moving to her rhythm.

Find out more about Maria Rodhe on her website. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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