Marie Minet – Hanoi Kel-P Remix (2021)

Through her single ‘Hanoi’, Marie Minet told the story of a Parisian woman’s desire to leave everything behind. The warm acoustic tones of the single have been given a new life through the musical stylings of Kel-P. Adding a touch of Afro-pop and French music to the richness of the original, the remix brings a sunny fusion production to your ears.

Minet and Kel-P met when Minet took a trip to Ghana to meet a new generation of producers. Kel-P has already made a name for himself with Burna Boy’s African Giant which was nominated at the Grammy Awards last year. By mixing their styles, the duo is able to bring a whole new spin to the track while respecting the original flow.

‘Hanoi – Kel-P Remix’ has a wonderful and rather groovy vibe to the opening. The paced movement of the melody has your foot tapping to the beats while making your shoulders want to sway. The horns in the low levels add to the lively and vibrant feeling of the music. The beats are a wonderful bounce to the richness of the acoustics of the original. You can really hear the fusion of styles through the track. Minet’s French influence swirls around you while the Afro-beats from Kel-P create the vibrant bounce. There is no way to listen to this remix without it putting a smile on your face.

While the lyrics are in French like the original, you don’t need to understand the language to get the vibe of their meaning. Through her performance, Minet leads you into a musing of leaving everything behind and starting a new adventure. The remix style of the track brings a new feeling to this compared to the original. The smooth richness of the original gets a vibrant and warm wash that makes you think of beaches and sunshine. There is such a light feeling to the track that allows it to hit in a very different way from the original while retaining the core message.

Marie Minet and Kel-P come together for the vibrant stylings ‘Hanoi – Kel-P Remix’. While the remix brings new energy and bounce to the track, it retains the warm and rich messaging of the original. The fusion of their styles will have you moving to the rhythm and smiling to the flows.

Find out more about Marie Minet on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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