Matyascorvinus – In Solitude (2021)

In the fast pace of the modern world, we rarely take the time to sit back and listen to our own thoughts. This is something that Matyascorvinus is asking us to do, through the atmospheric tones of ‘In Solitude’. While urging this, the single brings a beautiful melancholic wave to a soundtrack of loneliness that borders on the eerie.

The mesmerising instrumental tones of the single are intriguing in their movement while soothing and relaxing your muscles. The beautiful, yet sorrowful, tones of Matyascorvinus’ music are a delicate balance that has been built over the years since he first picked up an ukulele. Since then, he studied the instrument, before moving on to the classical guitar, bringing classical tones to his own atmospheric style.

There is a very expansive feeling to the opening of ‘In Solitude’. It is like the sound reaches out beyond where the eye can see, while calling to something deep in your soul. The acoustic guitar comes out of the expansive tones like waves crashing against a cliff. These waves are interesting as they are as powerful as they are emotive. They wash through your brain with a rather melancholic flow, churning feelings of loneliness and sadness in their wake. As they bring a wash of sombre emotions, they also draw you further into the meditation of the music, letting you really get into what Matyascorvinus is trying to bring to your attention.

The melancholic tones of the guitars start to lighten as the single progresses. These glimmers of light are beautiful and lift negative emotions from your chest, leaving you feeling lighter for having heard them. As they lighten your spirits, they continue to weave the meditative flows of the single around you. The sounds of wind and waves break the guitar’s flow before you are danced into some complex and intricate tones. The tumbling feeling of the acoustic guitar in the latter moments of the single brings a whirling kaleidoscope of emotion. Those expansive tones from the opening start to make a comeback close to the end of the track, allowing you to exit the music in the same way that you entered it. This is an amazing melodic movement that lets you gently come back to yourself after the journey of the single.

Matyascorvinus has you sitting back and listening to your thoughts through the meditative acoustic guitar waves of ‘In Solitude’. The acoustic guitar is gentle and turns into an intricate movement of complex tones. The instrumental track is stunning as it fills your ears with the cresting waves of awareness.

Find out more about Matyacorvinus on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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