McKenzie Van Oss – Stereo to Heaven (2021)

Music is a beautiful thing that can make your day brighter, lift stress from your shoulders and connect with your inner thoughts. Through her single ‘Stereo to Heaven’, McKenzie Van Oss pays tribute to the Angel of Music, who allows musicians to shine their light and creativity on the world. The single considers how lucky musicians are to have their musical gift, which not only soothes their own rough edges, but those of all listeners.

Joined by Matt Grady (bass), Robby Van Oss (lead guitar) and Parker Stanley (drums), she unleashes her feelings of gratitude toward those that make music possible. Having started her musical career during the pandemic, Van Oss is steadily moving from strength to strength. Not only has she released some fantastic music, but she has also been promoted to soloist with the Carolina Ballet. Blending her love of music with her dance rhythm, she creates heartfelt and authentic songs.

The opening of ‘Stereo to Heaven’ rises from the depths to pound against your chest. There is an infectious feeling to the music that has you bopping to the rhythm. The music is a wonderful combination of pop’s light vibes with the punchy momentum of rock. The different melodic lines come together for a retro vibe that brings a hit of nostalgia with it. While there is a retro tone woven into the melody, this is eclipsed by the modern pop-rock edge of the music. Later in the track, the punchy tones drop for a lighter roll of drum and guitar that puts a smile on your face.

Van Oss makes her appearance on the track with a spoken word opening. This leads you to the pulse of the guitars and warbling vocals that slide into an energetic vocal performance. Her performance has you rocking out to the music while riding the waves of sonic colours. The lyrics touch on the Angel of Music who invites all creative types to unleash their sound on the world. There is no way you can listen to this single and not feel good vibes sliding into your veins. As you bop to the music, the vocals give your energy a direction. When the melody drops for a lighter movement, the vocals match with a tender caress against your ears.

McKenzie Van Oss has you bouncing to her energetic pop-rock rhythm as the waves of good vibes sweep through you in ‘Stereo to Heaven’. The music pounds through your chest, while promoting movement to the rhythm, and putting a smile on your face. Her vocals are addictive as they dance around you and enhance the movement of the music.

Find out more about McKenzie Van Oss on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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