Megan Wheeler – Replaced (2021)

Teenage drama is something that many people lived through or have seen others live through. All the emotions of teenage struggles have been taken by Megan Wheeler and turned into her single ‘Replaced’. A tale of teenage love lost, the single mixes the confusion of new experiences and the overdramatising that often occur in our teen years.

Wheeler’s young age helps make this song relatable to teens, but you should not let her youth fool you. There is a maturity to the single that enables others to connect with the emotions and has landed the track in the semi-finals of the International Songwriting Competition’s Teen Category. With some clear pop sensibilities and a musical ability beyond her years, she shows you why you should keep an eye on her through this track.

‘Replaced’ has a very gentle piano line that opens the track and pulls you into the tender tones. There is a delicacy to the melody that shines in the piano which brings a sense of youth to the music. The tenderness of the melody makes you feel that the emotions of the song could crack if you breathe too heavily. The relatively simple melody has a few layers to it with a soft well of instrumentation in the background while the piano takes centre stage.

Wheeler’s vocals belie her years as she brings confidence and maturity to her performance. The crystal clear dictation of her vocals helps you connect with the depth of emotion in the song. There is a touch of nostalgia as the lyrics look back on the love lost only to be tempered by the endless sadness of feeling replaced. Wheeler is able to create a well of emotion that tips over to inundate you with the feelings of the lyrics.

Megan Wheeler uses maturity and depth beyond her years to have you welling with endless sadness in ‘Replaced’. The delicate melody brings the tenderness of youth to your ears while enhancing the emotions of the vocals. Her vocal control is outstanding as she has you sinking into the despair of the lyrics and the tugging sadness of love lost.

Find out more about Megan Wheeler on her Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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