Meggy Katigbak – I’m In Love (2021)

At the height of the pandemic, there was a lot of negativity and hostility that only added to the turmoil we all felt. During this time, Meggy Katigbak wrote ‘I’m In Love’ as an ode to all those in the world who provided love and support to others regardless of who they were. Using her expressive vocals and sweet lyrics, she moves you on an extremely emotional level.

Coming from a musical family, Katigbak works with her siblings who produce and arrange her songs. Having started her musical career in the church choir, she brings an edge of classical sounds to a modern pop soundscape. The sweetness and delicacy of her vocals elevate the messages she weaves into her songs for touching tracks that linger in your ears long after they have ended.

‘I’m In Love’ opens like the sun rising in the early morning with glinting lights shining off the dew. The classical sounds of the piano flow into a poignant melody. There is something theatrical about the melody that makes you feel that it would not be amiss on stage or as part of a Disney movie. While a relatively minimalist melody, the music has a depth of emotion that is hard to deny. The piano sinks like stardust into your chest and settles over your heart letting the delicate vocals really shine.

Against the piano melody, Katigbak’s vocals are tender and moving. The clarity of her voice lets the sadness of the song shine before rising like the first rays of the sun. As her performance rises, you are filled with a blossoming of affection and love that seems to chase away every bad experience. The gentle tempering of the overwhelming affection with a deep sadness has been handled so perfectly. This is truly a masterful single that captures the emotional turmoil we have been through as a collective in the last year while soothing the rough edges with affection and support.

Meggy Katigbak tugs at your emotions with the stripped-back yet powerful tones of ‘I’m In Love’. While the melody is relatively minimalistic, the tender tones of the piano bring a theatrical feeling to the song. Katigbak’s vocals add to this cinematic feeling while gently tempering sadness with love and capturing the conflicting emotions we have all gone through.

Find out more about Meggy Katigbak on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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