Melodic Canvas – Pretentious Intentions (2021)

There are little lies that we tell ourselves every day but some of them can have a much bigger impact on how we view life than we initially imagine. Melodic Canvas has picked up this thread and turned it into ‘Pretentious Intentions’ which reminds us not to lie to ourselves about the big things. While the subject of the single is artists who lie to themselves, there is a universality to the sentiment of the track.

This look at the lies people tell themselves comes from Evan Alderton. As this musical project emerged from the woods in 2016, it brought with it the experimentalist core of his nature. With a touch of alternative rock mixed with the angst of the 90s and a haunting reflectiveness, it brings a mystery and darkness with the understanding of self.

‘Pretentious Intentions’ has a dark and almost brooding feeling to the opening acoustic guitar. This effortlessly flows into a more grunge tone that is all pace tempered by a depth of sombre feeling. The melody is emotive as it draws you into the contemplation of the lyrics. Through the moody atmosphere of the music, you are set in a dark room to reflect on what the lyrics have to tell you. While the music has a touch of familiarity to it, there is a unique base that lets you know just who you are listening to.

The moodiness of the melody comes through on the vocals which enhance the grunge vibe of the track. Alderton’s vocals have an interesting grounded feeling while also carrying a mysterious darkness. He calls to you through the gloom of the single to draw you into the contemplation of the lyrics. There is a lot packed into the lyrics that make you sit back and think. This sinks into you through the vocal delivery which is somewhat haunting as it creeps through your senses.

Melodic Canvas draws you into a mysterious and moody soundscape as he reflects on lies in ‘Pretentious Intentions’. The dark atmosphere of the melody highlights the creeping haunting of the vocals as you are pulled into the gloom of reflection. Alderton’s vocals have an edge of angst mixed with the need to think about things that sinks into your bones.

Find out more about Melodic Canvas on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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