Memory Motel – Scarlett (2021)

Inspired by acts like Tame Impala, Pond and Moses Gunn Collective, Memory Motel is an enthusiastic new indie-rock group from Australia. With the aim of creating a “groovy ambient and psychedelic” type of music, the quartet will intoxicate your senses from the get-go. While still a new band, Memory Motel has featured on Fruit Sonic, Less Than 1000 Followers and various playlists. After selling out Sydney’s Agincourt Hotel, Ruby Ward (vocals), Angus Barry (guitar), Mitch Lumsden (guitar), Ben Parry (bass) and Tom Roche (drums) release their debut single ‘Scarlett’.

Adopting a DIY ethic, ‘Scarlett’ is recorded by the group between their homes and Sydney’s Mindfield Studios. Alright, the single is self-released but they did have some help from Grammy Award-winning producer William Bowden collaborating with producer/drummer Tom Roche. Penned during a lazy afternoon, the foursome “stumbled across the ambient swelling intro guitar sound followed by Ruby’s signature ‘Scarlett, speak to me’ and we were hooked” – their words, not mine.

Aptly described as “ambient”, ‘Scarlett’ is filled with a hazy atmosphere within a cinematic soundscape. The flowing guitar seems on a loop, but this is perfect considering the languid sensation of ‘Scartlett’. An intriguing melodic arrangement, the persistent fuzziness acts as an anchor for the groovy swirl of sound; however, there is a crescendo of guitars, drums and a catchy chorus that is soul-stirring.

Not necessarily spine-chilling, but definitely a tune to slither into your brain and reverberate down your spine, ‘Scarlett’ combines evocative melodies with engaging lyricism. What I find intriguing is the transition from psychedelia to alternative rock with Ward’s obscure vocals hidden within its depths. Very unique, Memory Motel has a unique sound going and I can’t wait to hear more from them.

For more from Memory Motel check out their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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