Michael Ransom – Foxes (2021)

Hitting our virtual desk for the third time this year, UK-based Michael Ransom is taunting our eardrums with his single ‘Foxes’. While we have noted influences from The Rolling Stones, The Kinks and Beatles, it seems that his music continues to take old-school jangle-pop and rock mixing it with contemporary artists like Kanye West and pouring forth a highly unique sound. A newbie on the scene, Ransom is still building a following but he has turned heads across the globe so it’s on an international basis. Featuring in YMX, Sinusoidal Music, Less Than 1000 Followers, Punk Rocker and various playlists, it won’t be long until everyone is singing a Michael Ransom song. One of the latest addition to his critically acclaimed discography is ‘Foxes’.

Following his track ‘Put It All On Red’ (read our review here), ‘Foxes’ has a smooth and flowing melodic arrangement with a steady drumbeat underlying the synths and guitar. Layering synths and keys carefully alongside his rich vocals, there is an ethereal quality to the track. What I find intriguing is how the drumbeat pushes Ransom into a world or urban genre indicating his innovativeness and eclecticism as an artist.

Penned and recorded in his bedroom during the Covid-19 lockdowns, ‘Foxes’ is a simplistic and raw song filled with brutal honesty. Using a personal narrative, Ransom looks at existential issues like relationships and how the lockdown has affected people emotionally, as well as physically. Melancholic and reflective, ‘Foxes’ shares a poignant insight into “…feeling like you’re losing someone while being in a relationship.” His soft but rich vocals add a hazy ambience to the intimate soundscape truly pulling you into a sonic world of his own.

Sentimental, moving and sincere, Ransom’s ‘Foxes’ is genuine and heart-breaking. As with his other tracks, there is a breath-taking intensity in the expertly executed single. I look forward to 2022 and more of Michael Ransom’s music.

For more from Michael Ransom check out his Instagram and Spotify.

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