Mojo Jnr – Peach Out (2020)

You might know Josh David-Read as the singer and songwriter of Cactus Haus, but he is also the man behind the solo project Mojo Jnr. In this project, he creates a mellow folk sound with some bedroom-pop influence thrown in. His debut track ‘Miles Away’ was met with praise and he is following this up with ‘Peach Out’.

His second release is a light-hearted track looking at how hard it is to focus when you are not doing anything. It also looks at dealing with anxiety caused by this using holistic means. The title comes from a type in a text and is a clever play on words in the context of this song.

‘Peach Out’ has a static to the opening that is interesting as it sits over light but fun notes. As the melody gets into its own, the static fades and you are left with the upbeat pop track. There is something happy about the melody that lifts your spirits which is really interesting considering the lyrics. The fun melody is at odds with the lyrics as they consider a much heavier topic than the music makes you think.

While there is this interplay between the lyrics and melody, the vocals add a dreamy vibe to the song. David-Read has this hazy tone to his performance that works so well with the melody. As the lyrics look at a serious matter, the song itself does not take itself too seriously.

Mojo Jnr tackles a heavy topic with a light-hearted sound that does not take itself too seriously in ‘Peach Out’. The light melody and easy vocals are a perfect accompaniment to the lyrics that deal with anxiety.

Find out more about Mojo Jnr on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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