Montrell – Magnets (2020)

From the vibrant English towns of Leicester and London, Montrell is an indie-rock band breeding their own genre-bending sound. Beginning in 2017, or at least that is when they started releasing music on Spotify, Montrell has gained developed a reputation for energetic performances with engaging content. Following their European tours in 2019, Jonny Taylor (lead vocals and guitar), Michael Kurtz (vocals and guitar), Sam Delves (bass) and Alex Moorse (drums) are back in the studio releasing critically acclaimed singles throughout 2020. The latest addition to their discography is the single ‘Magnets‘.

Touching on issues like temptation and addiction, Montrell uses ‘Magnets’ to explore vulnerability and fragility in the human spirit; however, despite the poignant material, the lads include a sense of hopefulness, optimism and empowerment. While the lyrical content has a degree of complexity, Kurtz and Taylor’s vocals eloquently make it less heart-rendering and more sincere.

“It’s really about temptation and the resulting addiction, but it’s also about having that one person around who gets it and helps you through.” – Jonny Taylor on ‘Magnets’

The lyricism of a song is important, but it is the instrumentation that contributes to a sonic representation of emotions. Montrell shows their expertise to take someone on an emotive musical journey in their track ‘Magnets’. The dynamic guitars both emphasise the intimacy of the track, but add a bubbly undertone to the power-pop single. Moorse’s steady drumming adds a type of stability throughout the track as a foundation for the stirring instrumentation.

The follow-up to their critically acclaimed single ‘Friends’ (check our review here), ‘Magnets’ teeters between jangly-pop and indie-rock. Let’s put that into a bit of context – it’s somewhere between The Beatles, Crosby, Stills and Nash, and Travis. Smooth, intimate, but with some tranquil undertones, ‘Magnets’ may, in my opinion, be Montrell’s most sophisticated release to date. But, hey, what do I know?

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