More in Luv – Living for Two (2022)

Following the successes of the last year, More in Luv are slowing their sound down a bit for their latest single ‘Living for Two’. With a chilled sound and roaring guitar sections, the band takes listeners on their journey from where they started to now. While diving into the story, they look at coming from a place where you don’t feel protected by the people who should protect you but still want to build a good life for yourself and your loved ones.

The slightly different take on their usual sound showcases the band’s versatility as they bring some hip-hop inspired beats into this single. With their pure and ecstatic previous releases, the band has been building an energetic fanbase. Their alternative pop sound is sure to boost serotonin levels even with the slower pace of this track.

‘Living for Two’ twinkles, warbles and cascades its way into your ears through the opening. The melody is chilled as it invites you to sit back and listen to what the vocals have to tell you. There is a gentle rise to the sound as the chorus hits like the slight rise of a wave just before it crests and tumbles into itself. The pulse of tones that follows the chorus is this crest that has you tumbling back into the verses. The movement of the music is wonderful as it keeps you engaged while also letting you soak up the chilled vibes. As the light notes of the melody glint through your brain, they leave a trail of good vibes with them.

Against the chilled melody, the vocals draw you into the story of the track. The vocals pick up the chilled vibes of the music and wrap around you like warm air on a summer’s day. While you sink into the warmth of the vocals, the lyrics touch on not feeling protected, but also knowing that you want to build something with someone you care about. It is a very touching single that carries this wonderful sentiment of not caring where you are as long as you are on the journey of life with someone you care about. While the sentiment is wonderful, the vocals are quite catchy and the chorus easily gets stuck in your head.

More In Luv has you sinking into a warm, chilled vibe as they journey through life with someone they care about in ‘Living for Two’. The music is gentle and chilled as it rises in soft waves before sending you tumbling into the next run of notes. The chilled vibes are picked up by the vocals that carry a wonderful sentiment through the performance.

Find out more about More in Luv on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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