MOVMENT – Propaganda (2021)

We are constantly bombarded with news but what we get is not always trustworthy. MOVMENT explores the challenge of finding a trustworthy source of news in their post-punk single ‘Propaganda’. Through the punchy sounds, they consider what is fake, what is the truth and how hard it has become to discern between the two.

With a raw, intense and engaging sound, Martin Kelly (vocals, drums) and Kevin Kelly (guitars, bass, keyboards) merge punk with alternative rock. While pulsing through you, the track also continues the band’s observations on life and living. Using relatable lyrics and a mixture of technology and instruments, they get you hooked to their sound and way of looking at life.

The drums that open ‘Propaganda’ get your heart pumping and bring a somewhat ominous feeling to the soundscape. There is a steady thrum to the melody that gets trills of keys to add an electronic edge to it. This is a wonderfully dark melody that is all swirling undertones and hidden resistance while picking at the problems of modern life. The pulse of guitars and drums gets your feet tapping while the keys have you shimmying to the rhythm.

While the melody stead moves you through the single, it is really the vocals that are the shining light. Martin Kelly’s vocals call out from the electronic mire of the world like a blinking notification getting your attention. The lyrics are a frank observation of the world of news media and the resistance that we all need to be a part of. As you listen to the lyrics, you are filled with the sense that there is something wrong and you need to do something about it. Fortunately, there is a touch of light within the performance that offers a path leading you to what you might be able to do. This is a very interesting resistance song that hits out with a great subtly while still getting you riled up.

MOVMENT steadily marches you through the melody of ‘Propaganda’ leading you to a pulse of resistance. The music has this steady thrum that swirls with dark undertones and the shadows of underground resistance. As the music moves you, the vocals offer a frank assessment of the world and point you in the direction of what can be done.

Find out more about MOVMENT on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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