Mulholland Jive – Bad Moon Rising (2021)

Mulholland Jive continues their energetic combination of funk and rock with the explosive tones of ‘Bad Moon Rising’. The instrumental track brings the sounds that the band is becoming known for to a slice of blistering guitars, lightning piano and pounding beats. With a movement that is sure to get you out of your seat and jumping around, the band has you firmly hooked to their music.

The blisteringly funky tones of the music come from the brain of Irish musician Ben Mulholland. Many of the band’s tracks were written for his secondary school students to rehearse and perform. The most popular were taken by Mulholland and properly recorded with a range of session musicians. Drawing on inspiration from the funk of Vulfpack and the energetic rock riffs of Muse, he creates tracks that capture the mind.

‘Bad Moon Rising’ has a rather epic start that grabs your attention with theatrical ease. The piano runs across your skin and builds a sense of tension. This is enhanced by the guitars that rise against the piano and lead you into a serious jive. You can’t help but start to move to the music as the guitars pulse and the piano dances down your spine. The horns come in and add to the building feeling of the track getting your heart racing.

There are a lot of dynamic movements to the music that keeps you thoroughly engaged in the track. The piano is truly blistering as it calls out to your soul as the guitars seem to carry a warning as the single progresses. Each instrument comes into the track to add its own opinion while combining into the most engaging movement possible. They each get a chance to shine whole building up the single as a whole. From start to finish, the single is full-on and doesn’t let up for a moment which is absolutely wonderful. While this could also be overwhelming, the exquisite arrangement makes it engaging and you are a little shocked when it finally comes to an end.

Mulholland Jive has you rocking out to a funky sound with blistering piano, pulsing guitars and dynamic horns in ‘Bad Moon Rising’. The single is full-on from start to finish and keeps you hooked to the beautifully arranged sound. Each instrument is able to shine while adding to the whole truly showing the prowess of Mulholland’s composing skills.

Find out more about Mulholland Jive on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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