Nathan Dies – California (2021)

We all have romanticized ideas of places that we have never been or seen only through the lens of television and movies. This is something that Nathan Dies has woven into their debut single ‘California’. Through the blended soundscape, they consider the idea of love and agony that exists in Hollywood and the romantic perspective we have of this.

As their debut single, this track really gives you some insight into what Dies is all about. It is not only their first solo outing, it is also a great pre-cursor to their debut album. With a fusion of electronic pop, psych-rock and indie Brazilian influences, they craft a sound that is quite unique.

‘California’ grabs your attention with the sparkling dreamy opening. The twinkling tones turn into a warm and smooth melody that washes through your senses with a gentle flow. Through the music, you can feel the lazy sun resting on your skin. As the single progresses, there is a dynamic movement to the music that rises and falls with a rock-pop vibe. The electronic tones waver over the high levels while the warbling lower levels settle wonderfully on your skin. Throughout the single, you are filled with a wash of dreamy energy that is rather undeniable.

Dies’ vocals are as dreamy as the melody and transport you to a California beach where you can just relax. The lyrics are packed with a romanticism that comes from the media depiction of the state. While there is a heavy hand of romanticism, there is a melancholy woven into the vocals. This brings the understanding that what we think of a place is not always the truth. This comes out further on the chorus as Dies dips below the façade of California.

Nathan Dies brings a dreamy mix to your ears while diving into romanticism and reality in their debut single ‘California’. The melody is warm and soft as it draws you into lazy days on beaches and the happiness of the portrayal of California. As you sink into the melody, the vocals touch on the façade before dipping below the surface.

Find out more about Nathan Dies on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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