Nightingale – Rewind (2021)

Over the last year, we have all had to adapt to changes in the world and this has been very difficult for many people. Nightingale has been reflecting on this and turned his musings into the raw and intimate single ‘Rewind’. Through the dark and brooding tones of the track, he considers adapting to uncertainty and embracing changes knowing that something better will come later.

The single showcases a new side of Nightingale as he opens us through the emotive lyrics. The ominous soundscape highlights the versatility of his musicality. With his meaningful words and thoughtful expressions, he takes listeners through collective and individual journeys that set the mind ablaze.

‘Rewind’ sets you in a brooding soundscape from the first notes. The beats have a slightly off-centre vibe to them that keeps you on your toes while the deep synth tones bring a menacing feeling to the low levels. The low levels of the melody are seriously intense and threaten to overtake your senses. They are held back by the higher synth notes and the vocals. These lighter synths are a helping hand that keep your head above the waterline and offer a glittering sense of hope for the future. The use of synth is rather masterful as Nightingale creates an interplay between feeling overwhelmed and coming into the light of positivity.

This interplay continues in the vocals as they offer an intimate and raw emotional hit. Nightingale’s voice is a gentle sea breeze that flutters against your skin. There is an enthralling questioning in the lyrics and vocals that really get you thinking. You can feel the personal musings of the lyrics through the vocal performance. While there is a lot of questioning, there is a sense of understanding what you want in the future. Over the single, you are led from brooding questions to a positive mindset for the future.

Nightingale shows a raw and emotive side through the brooding yet positive tones of ‘Rewind’. Through the synths in the melody, you are drawn into the feeling of being overwhelmed before pushing your head above the water and seeing the glittering light of hope. The vocals echo this journey with a movement from questioning to understanding and embracing positive changes for the future.

Find out more about Nightingale on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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