No Joy – XO (Adam’s Getting Married) (2016)

No Joy, the Montreal-based band formed in 2009, are about as exciting as it gets. On the shoe-gazer quartet’s fourth pursuit into record land, Drool Sucker is the first of several expected EPs this year and is bound to offer a deepened sound from what we already know and love from them. The EP, to be released on July 15th, is sure to explore something new and encapsulate the psychedelic punk and post-rock feel that we expect.

The track that really stands out on its own is indeed ‘XO (Adam’s Getting Married)’. Not only does the track begin strong, the guitar definitely leading the pack with rocking riffs lifting the music into the air, there is a full classic rock feel on display here. The track starts off soft with subtle cries but is momentarily thrown into what we expect, complex composition and understated, ethereal vocals which help add to the psychedelic sound that we have grown to love. The track quickly finds its feet and builds into a crescendo of sound that would only be emphasised by a festival setting. This band are certainly on the rise and will be coming to the UK soon, bringing a bit of Montreal with them. Be sure to keep this quartet on your radar!


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