Nomad Anthem – Rising Up (2020)

There are a lot of love songs out there about relationships that have grown rocky and stale. However, not many of them are based on a love affair with music. ‘Rising Up’ from Nomad Anthem is one of these songs looking at a dip in a relationship with music only to come back stronger. While taking a different approach to love songs, the band keeps the subject matter relatable and the lyrics ambiguous enough to reflect any relationship.

This take is handled with all the energy Bob Douglass (vocals, guitar), Matt Frost (drums) and Andrew Wigham (bass guitar) have become known for. The music video for the single also takes a different turn at the subject matter. Set around a zombie apocalypse, the animated video includes cameos from fans and the band’s favourite emerging artists.

The opening of ‘Rising Up’ lives up to the name as it builds a sense of suspense. You can hear the energy of the band from the first moment which really gets you into the vibe of the track. The build-up leads you to the vocals which drop the pace of the song. While the verses slow the pace of the track, you are taken back to the opening energy with the chorus.

The up and down of the tempo works well with the message in the lyrics. The verses talk about the lulls in a relationship while the chorus has everything picking up and getting better. This is an interesting play on the sonic soundscape that wraps up the song in an interesting package.

Nomad Anthem uses a great arrangement in ‘Rising Up’ to depict the lyrics and message of the track. The energy of the band shines through in the opening and chorus while the verses provide the lull of relationships going through hard times.

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