Nordi Blu – Eye of the Hurricane (2021)

Are you in the mood for a breakup anthem that is all intensity and gritty darkness? Nordi Blu has just what you need with her single ‘Eye of the Hurricane’ which captures the fire and toxicity of bad breakups. With an acid hit like your ex sliding into your DMs, the song keeps you hooked to the whirlwind emotions leaving you unable to get away.

Boasting some powerful gospel-fuelled choruses, the single is a taster for her upcoming debut album. Following her appearance on The Voice of Germany, she has been releasing her restless spirit on the world through her blended music. With an infusion of life-affirming soul, she inundates you with raw intimacy and high emotions.

‘Eye of the Hurricane’ hits you with Nordi Blu’s intense vocals from the first moment. Her vocal performance is powerful and sends shivers sliding down your spine. The intensity of her performance creeps over your skin and bursts on the chorus. With the backing vocals on the chorus, you are swept up in a gospel-inspired wave that hits you in your chest. There is a banked fire in her voice that fills you with the glowing embers of emotion as the single progresses. In the second half of the track, she builds tension before the harmonised vocals propel you forward with resilient strength. Through her performance, you are drawn into an understanding of the toxicity of a breakup only to walk away from the fiery debris with strength.

Beneath her impassioned performance, is an equally intense melody. There is a thread of darkness woven into the low levels of the melody but this is sent running with the passionate beats that enter on the chorus. The pounding of the beats slowly pumps empowerment into your veins. The higher tones dancing against the darker notes that start to swirl around the harmonised vocals for an epic listening experience.

Nordi Blu sweeps you up in an intense and passionate soundscape while filling you with resilience and strength in ‘Eye of the Hurricane’. Her vocals send shivers down your spine before the harmonisations send you soaring. The emotional drive of the single is enhanced by the depth of the melody that steadily pumps you full of strength.

Find out more about Nordi Blu on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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