NORR – Silence (2022)

While communication is the key to a good relationship, there are times when you feel that all you get is silence from your partner. NORR has taken these moments and turned them into the aptly titled pop song ‘Silence’. In his first English language single, he combines his emotive vocals with expressive melodies as he captures the emotions stirred when your partner stops answering.

Although this single is only his third, his two Swedish language releases have captured listeners with his mixture of rock and pop. While in his final year at the Swedish music college Rytmus, NORR is crafting a compelling sound with more music set for release in the coming months. As an introduction to his music for English speaking listeners, this single will have you eagerly waiting to see what else he has in store for us.

The guitar line that opens ‘Silence’ has a stop-start movement that brings a touch of emphasis to the vocals. The twang of the music is easy to listen to as it leads you to the glittering tones of the main melodic line. The melody is packed with a beautiful melodic arrangement that seems to reach out for the other person in the relationship only to be rebuffed. You can hear the intertwining tones of rock and pop in the rather contemporary movement. While there is a great flow to the melody, there is a slightly minimalistic touch to it, which makes the burst of twinkling tones later even better.

The melody has you moving down the soundscape, but it is really NORR’s vocals that make the single. His voice is emotive from the first word as he questions if the other person is as committed to the relationship as he is. He brings the confusion of being met with a wall of silence to life while tugging at your emotions. Through his performance, he infuses the pain the change in the relationship brings and a plea to go back to how they used to be. It is a very powerful emotive performance that is really relatable even if you have never been in the same position. His expressive vocals make you feel like you are in the relationship which is utterly amazing.

NORR brings the pain of a negative change in a relationship and a plea to go back to how they used to be to the beautiful melodies and expressive vocals of ‘Silence’. As the melody brings a light glitter of tones to the soundscape, it builds the expressive foundations of the single. His vocals are the real star as he draws you into the emotions with relatable feelings and vocals that tug at your heartstrings.

Find out more about NORR on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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