Ollie Hussey – Credence (2021)

The pandemic has been hard for a lot of people with mental health seriously suffering. Ollie Hussey has been documenting his own struggles with mental health through his music. His single ‘Credence’ was written in two stages, before and after the first UK national lockdown, and details how depression affected his relationship with his girlfriend.

While this has the potential for being extremely sad, Hussey has turned the struggles and realisations of this into a love song. Blending folk with electronic pop, he touches on emotions and situations that many face but are often scared to talk about. While Hussey is the co-founder and frontman of Escapades, his solo work has really taken off since the start of the pandemic.

There is a delicate softness to the opening of ‘Credence’. The guitar lines are tender and light as they form a soft brook for the vocals to rest on. There is something melancholic to the melody that slowly turns into something brighter as the song continues. The stripped-back melody is so touching as it fills you with tender affection. Halfway through the track, some shuffling beats make an appearance to turn the vibe of the melody. You move on from the tenderness to a vibe that is uplifting. This enhances the affection woven into the track in the start as it blossoms into something greater.

Hussey’s vocals are complemented by the movement of the melody. His voice is light at the start of the track as he lays out a rather depressing existence. Through the lyrics, you are treated to the reality that many of us have faced during the lockdown. When the music changes, his voice moves with it. His performance gains a light feeling as it rises from the depths of depression. There is a feeling of hope for the future in the second half of the song that shines in the vocals. While this is a love song, there is an understanding in the lyrics that rising from the darkness is something you need to do yourself.

Ollie Hussey dips into mental health struggles that many have faced and leaves you hopeful for the future in ‘Credence’. While this is a sort of love song, there is much more to it that helps lift your spirits and lets you know that you are not alone in your struggles. Through the gentle tones, Hussey connects with the experience we have all shared in the last year and covers it in the tenderness of affection.

Find out more about Ollie Hussey on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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