One and a Half Dog – Shine (2021)

One and a Half Dog are taking on a rather morbid topic with their single ‘Shine’. Through their rock tones, they look at the fear of being buried in a graveyard far from your home and among strangers. A complex track that touches on something in life that most of us never contemplate, it builds through the soundscape and captivates all your senses.

The single has been an idea bouncing around for the band for around two years and has slowly evolved into the track we hear today. Dag Aure (vocals), Morten Stene Jensen (guitar), Lars Nielsen (guitar), Pål Robert Akseth (bass) and Inge Lerstad (drums) came together as a hobby project with no plans beyond their own satisfaction. Fortunately, this changed and they found that other people enjoyed their music as much as they did.

‘Shine’ uses a slow building progressive opening to draw you into the rock tones of the track. The guitar lines thrum through you while the beats roll across your senses. There is an almost misty feeling to the melody as it pulls you close with an almost subdued feeling. Through the melody, you can tell that there is something serious resting in the vibes of the track. As the single progresses, the music takes a brighter turn as it flies out and into the atmosphere. It is a really dynamic movement through the soundscape and all you can do is hold on for the ride.

As you ride the waves of the melody, Aure’s vocals touch something deep inside that you may have been unaware of before listening to the track. His vocals open with a deep spoken word moment that lets you know what the serious topic of the track is. This turns into a more classic rock melodic flow that sweeps through you and offers an anchor against the waves of sound. While anchoring you, his performance rises and falls with the music to pull you further into the contemplations and emotions of the single.

One and a Half Dog pulls you into a ride of rock tones and serious topics with the addictive soundscape of ‘Shine’. The building sense throughout the single has you rising and falling with the dynamic melody. The vocals capture the emotions of the topic while reaching into you and tugging at your emotions.

Find out more about One and a Half Dog on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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