Oscar Mic – Get Yours (2020)

Quirky and engaging, Oscar Mic is a UK-based genre-defying artist that will grab your attention even when you are utterly distracted. The brainchild of South London native Seamus Hayes, Oscar Mic is a solo project acting as a catharsis for this talented artist. Since the release of his debut single ‘Loop Hop’ in 2017, Hayes has received coverage on a national and international level with features on A&R Factory, Fresh on the Net, Music Pocket, BBC Radio 1, Amazing Radio and Radio X. He has also performed at Oxjam, Wilderness and The Berlin Music Video Awards.

Entering the music world early in life, Hayes began playing the trumpet at age six before turning to the guitar in his early teens. Initially immersed in punk and goth, Hayes delved into the world of hip-hop before forming the group The New Infection. After certain challenges emerged and the group dissolved, Hayes decided to head off on his own as Oscar Mic. The latest addition to his repertoire is the single ‘Get Yours’.

After experiencing a near-death in Brazil, resulting in several years of operations, Hayes changed his approach to life focusing on music as a means of self-expression and self-acceptance. Based on this life-altering experience and change in attitude, he explored the darker side of life but with a need to shake a person out of the darkness into the light. Using a combination of forceful instrumentation with fiery vocals, the single exudes aggression, frustration and raw honesty to shake away the indifference of mankind.

“Stop waiting for things to happen- You can give and give but you need to take what’s yours…if you can’t stand banality and you can’t live with fear anymore then no more of these tight shoelaces and pleasantries. Sip some antifreeze and get yours!” – Oscar Mic on ‘Get Yours’

Melding the powerful rock sound of Queens of the Stone Age with the brashness of Sex Pistols over hip-hop beats, ‘Get Yours’ showcases Hayes’ innovativeness and originality as an artist. Not only this, but there is versatility and flexibility in the track pulling together different styles from different decades – all with an authentic edgy twist.

For more from Oscar Mic check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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