Outlaw Boogie – Eyes Wired Shut (2021)

As we age our grasp of the latest trends slips and we feel the urge to hang on to the old. This is something that Outlaw Boogie is trying to dissuade us from doing through his chilled and dreamy single ‘Eyes Wired Shut’. Initially written as an excuse to write a catchy pop song, the single now floats playfully through our ears while reminding us about the importance of embracing new ideas and avoiding cynicism.

With the last year being a monumental one for Outlaw Boogie, Michael James Dent, the man behind the music, has closed it off with a wonderfully relatable and catchy track. While Dent is no newcomer to the music scene, having floated around for the last decade performing with a number of acts, this project is all about the music he always hoped to make. Bringing something rather personal to the soundscape, he weaves his passion into emotions and experiences that we all recognise.

The guitar line that opens ‘Eyes Wired Shut’ has you swaying to the flow as it brings a really chilled vibe to the melody. There is a feeling of ease that settles into your soul as you listen to the melody, relaxing every muscle in your body. As the drums bounce through the soundscape, they bring an almost surf-like feeling to the single. There is a lot of warmth in this track that helps you settle into the dreaminess of the music. The steady movement of the music has you flowing down the river of good vibes that have been packed into the melody.

As the vocals enter, they enhance the dreamy feeling that crept along the edges of the opening. There is a distant feel to the vocals at times that adds a rather misty feeling to them. When the drums roll in, the vocals shift closer and touch on nostalgia as the lyrics hark back to old trends and memories. This delving into good times long past leads you to the true message of the track, as Dent encourages us to look at the new things in life and embrace them. The harmonisation of the vocals are wonderful as they create a depth and soft richness to the track.

Outlaw Boogie has you drifting on a river of dreamy tones while encouraging you to embrace new ideas in the chilled and easy ‘Eyes Wired Shut’. The melody has you swaying to the music while drawing you into the dreamy vibes. The vocals enhance this dreamy nature while dipping into nostalgia only to nudge you to consider new ideas and avoid being stuck in the past.

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