Pale Cousin – The Other Side (2022)

Pale Cousin brings a contrast in sound and emotion through the chilled jazzy tones of ‘The Other Side’. This instrumental single has a relaxing vibe that shines through the piano and saxophone notes, but this hides something much sadder. Inspired by the forced separation of the pandemic, the single has you chilling to the movement of the instruments, while the light tug of sadness and loneliness haunts the background.

A new solo project by multi-instrumentalist Terry Boosey, he introduces us to the new vibes he infuses into each note. While there is a solid jazz touch to the single, he is blurring genre lines with this musical project. Taking up lockdown inspired depression and soothing it with relaxing vibes, Pale Cousin brings the lightest touch of euphoria to a sense of isolation.

The smooth tones of the saxophone open ‘The Other Side’ with a wonderful richness. There is a light jazzy shuffle of beats resting beneath the rich notes of the saxophone as it meanders through your brain. The light touch of the drums has you relaxing back into the foundation of the melody. There is something about the gentle shuffle of the drums that lifts stress from your shoulders and leaves your limbs feeling heavy with relaxation. As the single progresses, there are deeper notes that vibrate through the low levels that further relax your muscles. Above all this, the saxophone continues to weave its richness into the melody. At times it feels like the saxophone is speaking to you and wrapping a heavy blanket over you.

Contrasting this rich sound is the piano line that sparkles brightly. The interplay between the rich tones of the saxophone and the light twinkle of the piano is utter perfection. Later in the track, sweet strings join the piano line for a delicate waltz that furthers the chilled vibes of the music. There are moments when the instruments feel like they are talking to each other only to be replaced with the sense that they are the emotions we felt during the pandemic. It is an absolutely stunning single that allows each instrument to shine, while combing together for a heady combination of relaxation and sadness.

Pale Cousin brings an interplay between a rich saxophone and twinkling piano to life in the jazzy and relaxed ‘The Other Side’. Throughout the single, the instrumentation brings richness to light in the perfect encapsulation of emotions we have all felt at some point. The interplay between the instruments is masterful as it leads you down the soft path of the track.

Find out more about Pale Cousin on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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