Paperfriend – My Life’s Work (2021)

If you are looking for a song that is immersive and will have you riding subtle euphoric waves of good vibes, you are in the right place. ‘My Life’s Work’ by Paperfriend is just what you need as it brings together good vibe wordplay with captivating melodic instrumentation. Wrapped in a distinctive style, the single showcases the band’s versatility while hitting you with some relaxed feel-good energy.

Dean Ince and Matt Ladbrooke are the two friends behind the band. Using their own struggles with mental health, they create tracks that are relatable to those who have gone through the same while offering an uplifting vibe. Packed with raw emotion, it is easy to connect with the emotions and messaging of the music even if you have not been through a similar experience.

The gentle guitar opening of ‘My Life’s Work’ has a relaxing vibe. Resting in the soft flows of the acoustic guitar is a wonderfully peaceful vibe that lets you breathe a little easier. Through the softness of the music, you are effortlessly drawn into the song and the touching lightness of the music. This burst with euphoric guitar lines later in the single before you are drawn back into the soothing waves of the acoustic guitar.

As the melody works through waves of soothing acoustics to bursting electric guitars, the vocals remain stable. The slight rasp to the vocals adds a sense of raw emotion to them while humanising the lyrics more than they already are. This creates a wonderful sense of intimacy and understanding that wraps around you like a warm embrace. Through the vocal performance, you feel like you are not alone and that others understand what you are going through.

Paperfriend wrap their distinctive musical style around you while connecting with something deep inside through their single ‘My Life’s Work’. The rise and fall of the melody is countered by the steadiness of the lightly rasping vocals creating a sonic ebb and flow of life. This enhances the authenticity and humanity of the lyrics that grab your hand and let you know that you are not alone while filling you with good vibes.

Find out more about Paperfriend on their website, Instagram and Spotify.

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