Periscopi Invertit – El Poder Del Cant (2021)

With a jazzy folky flow, Periscopi Invertit is telling a wonderful story through their single ‘El Poder Del Cant’. Through the song, the band tells to the tale of Don Francisco, a jailed man who prays for clemency while playing his guitar. With a happy ending, the single not only lifts your spirits, but it also packs your senses with the multicultural vibes of the band.

The groovy and infectious sound of the single comes from Mireia Carbonell (bass), Laura Guarch (vocals), Nicola Rizzo (flute), Karim Dellali (percussion), Yaz Fentazi (Oud, drums), Zac Gvi (keyboard) and Daniel Louis (steel pan). While the band started as a 4-piece in Barcelona, leader Carbonell moved to Amsterdam before reviving the band in London. Gathering musicians from the melting pot of London’s music scene, the new line-up came together to create inspiring music using their unique sound.

‘El Poder Del Cant’ grabs your attention with a distinct Latin flair. The melody has a Latin dance vibe woven into it that makes you want to move to it. While a moving arrangement, the instrumentation is light and vibrant bringing an uplifting feeling to the track. There is no way to listen to this melody and not want to move around to it whether you know what you are doing or not. The flute solo is an utter pleasure to listen to. This delicately leads into a bridge that allows each instrument a moment to shine and really puts a smile on your face. As each member lets loose, you can hear the combination of different styles and cultures that make up the unique flow of the band.

It is not only the melody that makes you want to dance but the vocals as well. Guarch’s vocals are a delicate gossamer layer that breezes through your ears and makes you want to close your eyes while taking in her performance. The lyrics are in Catalan which enhances the Latin flair of the track but the light vibes can be felt whether you understand the language or not. As the lyrics tell the story of Don Francisco, the vocals draw you effortlessly into the world of the story. Whether you know the language or not, this is a song that is so captivating that you can’t help but get into the vibes.

Periscopi Invertit have you dancing to their Latin flair while drifting on the gossamer vocals in ‘El Poder Del Cant’. The melody enthrals with the unique movement before allowing each instrument a chance to shine. As you dance to the music, the vocals breeze over your skin and put a smile on your face whether you understand the lyrics or not.

Find out more about Periscopi Invertit on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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