Pochenski – How Long (2020)

Pochenski is creating a soundtrack for strange times starting with their debut single ‘How Long’. The first of a series of releases set to come throughout the year, the single is the perfect introduction to their alternative rock sound. With sophisticated lyrics and experimental guitars, it winds its way into your senses with an anthemic lift.

Formed in 2019, the band consists of Dan Pye (vocals, guitar), Kieran Joyce (bass, vocals) and George Coleman (drums). Pye and Joyce have played together in various bands and this single is the outcome of one of their collaborations. Together, they are capturing the emotions and strangeness of the modern world.

‘How Long’ springs to life with crashing drums and soaring guitar lines. The top guitar line has an anthemic vibe to it that drops for a groovier flow when the vocals come in. There is a lot going on in the melody as it moves from soaring to paced to gentle lapping. All of this is done to a captivating alternative rock vibe that gets you hooked to the dynamic flows of the music. Through the layers of the music, you are held in place for the lyrics to wash over you.

Pye’s vocals are light as they drape over the music. On the verses, he has a soothing flow to his performance that draws you into the story of the lyrics. This turns into a soaring on the chorus that adds to the anthemic feeling of the guitars that comes in later. The crash of guitars close to the end of the track perfectly rises from the depths of his vocals for a seamless propulsion.

Pochenski is setting the bar very high with their enthralling debut single ‘How Long’. With a melody that rises and falls complete with crashing tones and anthemic guitars, you will be hooked to their sound. The sophisticated lyricism draws you into a reflection on the world as you soar on the updrafts of the music.

Find out more about Pochenski on their Instagram and Spotify.

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