PREMIERE: Regent – Dirty Little Sinner (2020)

Bringing old-school rock and roll into the 21st century, Regent is a Southampton-based quartet tipped for big things. Receiving coverage from BBC Radio, Earmilk, Gigslutz and performing at notable UK festivals, Regent is, as described by industry executive Alan McGee, a “great fucking band not to be missed”. Alright, enough with the credentials, let’s get onto the music!

Initially written and recorded in 2016 at Purple Square Studios, ‘Dirty Little Sinner’ isn’t a new track…but it also is. Intended to be released after Regent’s debut single in 2017, the release was scrapped after band manager Bruce Replogle passed away. As anyone can imagine, this experience knocked the band and all tracks were locked away in the archives. Now, after a period of reflection, Regent returns revitalised and more energetic than ever.

Inspired by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Oasis and The Verve, Regent adopts a Brit-pop style which is evident in the latest single ‘Dirty Little Sinner’. However, along with this iconic sound, Regent brings in a rock and roll flavour reminiscent of The Raconteurs and The Black Keys. Filled with dynamic and captivating instrumentation alongside effortless vocals, ‘Dirty Little Sinner’ is a compelling track from beginning to end.

The thing is, while any band can create a rock and roll song, Regent has a defined sound where instruments and vocals shine through individually and as a cohesive unit. Seamlessly melding together, the melody is invigorating and sophisticated. Lyrically, the track delves into societal expectations to achieve and the “doubters” that, as Rooke so eloquently states, “put you down and try to spread their negativity from their world into yours”. A powerful message shared in an upbeat, addictive and forceful track.

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