ReLoVe – Voices (2021)

There are times when it feels that voices from the ether are calling out to you and offering a helping hand. This is something that the retro band ReLoVe has picked up on and turned into the engaging melting pot that is ‘Voices’. The single brings a sense of confusion over the voice and an embracing of the help they provide to funky folk-rock tones that make you tap your feet.

This look at voices calling out to us was written by Glenn Jost (vocals, drums, guitar) before the rest of the band laid down the instrumentation. Victor Bender (keyboards, guitar), Hussain Jiffry (bass) and Leah Zeger (violin) add their style and talents to the music creating a lively yet sophisticated single. As the second release from the band, it lets you know why they were an Official Nominee in the 2021 New Music Awards.

‘Voices’ has your foot tapping to the beat and your head bopping from the first moment. There is a really funky vibe to the music that grabs you and pulls. Each instrument stands out in the melody while coming together for an enthralling and captivating movement. The guitars strum against your brain while the violin tickles the back of your senses. As the melody slinks into your veins, you are going to feel the urge to dance around and stamp your foot while having an absolute blast.

The infectious movement of the melody is not the only part of the single that captures your attention. The vocals are as funky and engaging as the melody with the most masterful layering and harmonies. The energy of Jost’s performance lifts your spirits and delves into what the voices are trying to tell us. As you listen to the lyrics, you get the feeling that the voices are feelings that flow through all of us and connect us to the world at large.

ReLoVe has your foot tapping and your heart feeling light through the utterly captivating tones of ‘Voices’. Each instrument combines perfectly for an eclectic mix of sound that fills you with light and good vibes. The vocals are layered and balanced in their harmonies while encouraging you to listen to the helping hand the world provides.

Find out more about ReLoVe on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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