Riccardo Moccia – Constructive (2021)

With his second single from his concept album Sensed, Riccardo Moccia draws you further into the evolution of the universe. ‘Constructive’ continues the exploration of this, beginning from the point of view of a Being of Light. The hot steel beams of the foundation of this track are moulded into death and heavy metal glory.

While pulsing with these aggressive tones, a peculiar meditative state is induced by the track through the incorporation of traditional folk chants. Moccia uses rhythms derived from some of the oldest musical languages known to man, to create music that takes your mind to another plane of existence. A listening experience that should not be missed, this track has you eager to fall into the full concept album.

‘Constructive’ hits you with some aggressive metal guitars that pound against your skull. These guitars are joined by thumping drums, while another guitar trills through the soundscape. It is an intense melody that punches you in the chest, but in a good way. Later in the track, there is a stop-start movement to the guitars, while the lightest tendrils of a brighter tone makes its way through. This is an interesting inclusion that lightens some of the darkness of the metal tones. As the single progresses, the guitars roll through your brain and the drums do not let up for a single moment. A light bridge gives you a moment to breathe before you are thrown back into the aggressive tones.

The aggression of the music bleeds through into the vocals that are all epic death metal. The screamo tones are dark and rumbling as they rise through your soul. It is a strange listening experience as the overall feeling of the single is dark and somewhat ominous, but the vocals bring something new and almost gentle to the sound. The contrast between the aggression of death metal and the touch of a Being of Light is wonderful and perfectly captured by Moccia in this track. The movements also make you want to frantically move to the music.

Riccardo Moccia brings the aggression of death metal to a strangely light touch in the thrashing and intense tones of ‘Constructive’. The melody punches you in the chest from the first moment, with aggressive vibes and lighter tones lurking in the background. The vocals are pure death metal goodness, as they scream and growl through your soul.

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