Ross Newhouse – Funniest Thing (2021)

Loving someone doesn’t mean that you can’t do things that occasionally annoy the person. Ross Newhouse has taken this area of love and, with a quirk of clever lyrics, turned it into the infectiously good ‘Funniest Thing’. With the accompaniment of Chris McCarthy (piano) and Kayla Williams (viola), he sweeps you up in a wave of nostalgia while reminding you that laughing at things is what really makes a relationship work.

The single is the third off his latest EP which delves into deeply lyrical folk music. While Newhouse has played in NYC bands for the last few years, his exciting rebrand as a solo folk act draws on clever storytelling and mixed musical elements. With a touch of indie-rock added to an overwhelmingly folk soundscape, he pieces together stories that leave you smiling.

‘Funniest Thing’ twinkles and strums against your ears in the opening. There is a wonderfully nostalgic feeling to the melody that fills you with a sense of reminiscing over good memories. While there is a lo-fi vibe to the music, this is mostly covered by the tight folk production. As the piano and guitar gently waft you down the melody, the viola hums across your skin. It brings a delightful sweetness to the music that puts a smile on your face.

Newhouse’s vocals have a delicacy to them as he draws you into the memories of the lyrics. His performance paints the picture of the past clearly. As he brings moments of annoyance and anger to the lyrics, the gentle tones of his voice soft the blow of the negative emotions. He then wraps them around a loving affection that is the basis of any good relationship. Through the performance, you are reminded that laughter is important even if the situation does not seem funny at the time.

Ross Newhouse has you reminiscing and remembering the good times through the gentle tones of ‘Funniest Thing’. Through the single, he reminds us that laughter is the key to happiness even if the situation does not seem funny at the time. This is a very gentle song that fills you with warmth and good vibes while offering moments that we can all connect to.

Find out more about Ross Newhouse on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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