Sam Duckworth – High Achievers (2013)

Sam Duckworth, better known as the singer/songwriter Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly., is set to release his second album Amazing Grace this autumn.  After a break from live music, he’s back on form with the song ‘High Achievers’ from his second solo album.

When speaking about the album he says, ‘I am so happy to have an album that represents me as I am now. Life at 27 is a bit more challenging, events and emotions are heightened with a few years on your back, both good and bad. I’ve tried my best to sum that up in 11 songs. Thankfully I’ve had the pleasure of roping in some of the best folk I know to help me make it sound more pleasant. The album is a collection of acoustic songs brought to life by a cast of friends.’

Sam is well known for his love of different music styles as displayed in his previous albums with an eclectic mixture of folk, acoustic and various other themes. If ‘High Achievers’ is anything to go by, this is going to be Sam’s most stripped back album to date.

I’m definitely a fan of his older work, the self-titled Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. album being a definite highlight, but I’m excited to see what his new music will bring to the scene. ‘High Achievers’ definitely has more of a unique feel to anything that’s around at the moment; there’s an almost jazzy feel to the music which is something I haven’t heard from Sam Duckworth before.

If you’re a ‘Cape’ fan, which I know there are many, then this will be a perfect representation of what to look forward to in his upcoming album and perhaps in his future work as well.  The album is being self-released through Pledge Music , check out his pledge page for more information.

Listen to the new tune here —> Sam Duckworth – ‘High Achievers’ (2013)


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