Sam Wilde – About Right (2020)

Simply put, Sam Wilde is a singer-songwriter with a gruff rock edge and Brit-pop undertones. Growing up in the North East of England, it makes sense for Wilde’s music to show a likeness to the great Brit-pop bands like Oasis. In his new EP About Right, Sam Wilde dives into the 1990s walking the line between clean UK Brit-pop and grimy American grunge.

Born in Leeds, this talented guy embraces and integrates the significant sounds of a decade or two ago. A six-track EP About Right is a powerful and poignant release with the punch of upbeat alt-rock. Reminiscent of Nirvana and Soundgarden, Wilde shows his heavier rock side on ‘Give Up The Garden’ and ‘City of Bones’ with edgy vocals. His appreciation for Brit-pop is clearer in ‘On The Run’ and ‘I Found You’ showing similarity to The Verve and, of course, Oasis.

“About Right symbolises a bit of a fresh start for me. This EP showcases the music that I wanted to make – raw, real and not giving myself boundaries and not trying to make music I thought other people wanted to hear. It was so much fun to finally create something that I was really proud of and watch the development of the tracks from acoustic songs written in my bedroom to a studio-recorded full-band EP.” – Sam Wilde on About Right

Filled with a personality from beginning to end, About Right is a journey through life with Wilde. The emotion on ‘City of Bones’ is carried through to ‘I Found You’. I think my favourite track would be ‘Give Up The Gun’ – a blunt track with powerful guitar riffs over an Americana-style melody. Perhaps ‘If You Stay’ is a favourite because of its sultry blues style enhanced by Wilde’s throaty growl. I can’t decide, it’s all so good!

Regardless of the track and the style, Wilde makes a stand with the authentic gruffness of rock bands oozing his own breed of rockstar sensuality. He may be a tadpole in the vast music ocean, but Kurt Cobain was once a tadpole as well. I won’t be surprised if Wilde becomes as influential to new artists as Cobain is to him.

You can find out more about Sam Wilde on Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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