SAPPHIRE – Repeat (2021)

Overthinking is something that a lot of us do without ever meaning to. The cyclical journey of overthinking has been picked up by SAPPHIRE and turned into her aptly named single ‘Repeat’. Using undulating tones and a slice of alternative pop, she slowly builds to the breakdown of this unhelpful thought process and brings listeners to a moment of peace.

Drawing on her own experience of overthinking, she dives into something so universal that we have all experienced it without even realising it. Through the intricacies of her compelling songwriting to the power of her vocals, she will sweep you off your feet and have you feeling pure emotional catharsis. By the end of the track, you are going to be diving into her back catalogue.

SAPPHIRE’s vocals open ‘Repeat’ with an enthralling line. She effortlessly draws you into a relationship through the lyrics using her smooth and powerful vocals. Through the chorus, she brings the theme of overthinking to the fore. The electronic-tinged vocals at the end of the chorus before the next verse add some texture to the performance. There is a bounce to her vocals that are propelled by the melody along the verses to repeats of the chorus. The lyrics have been wonderfully crafted to perfectly bring out the message of the track using the arrangement.

While the vocals pull you into the track and bring the message of the track to life, the melody adds depth and a fantastic movement. The light opening that rests under the opening verse builds toward the chorus with a deep beat. There is a glitter and shimmer to the soundscape for the chorus that is a stunning accompaniment to the vocals. Each note of the melody has been masterfully woven together with the vocals for a moving single. In the latter parts of the track, the melody takes a slight turn to heavier electronic tones that brings the breakdown of overthinking.

SAPPHIRE has you shimmying to the captivating tones of ‘Repeat’ as she threads overthinking into the arrangement of the track. The vocals and melody move together seamlessly to bounce you down the soundscape and bring the message of the track to life. There is an incredibly infectious feeling to the song that makes you want to sink into it again and again.

Find out more about SAPPHIRE on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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