Schardinee – Böughetto (2020)

Schardinee is pushing the boundaries with her creative twists and unique charisma. Her latest EP Böughetto is a 5-track hit of warm vocals, personal lyrics and stories that connect with you on a deeper level. This colourful and direct EP is full of unpredictability and something that makes her stand out from the crowd. If you are looking for soul with some modern RnB and a dash of alt-pop thrown in, look no further.

The unique style of Schardinee’s music has been heavily influenced by her years spent singing in chorus. However, her flair for spontaneity in her music adds an edge to her performance for a lively and stark sonic experience. Infusing her soundscape with her enthusiasm for what she does, she creates songs that you can’t help but be excited about.

The EP starts with ‘Blue Sky Day’ which hits you with these deep notes that hook you to the soundscape. Schardinee’s soulful vocals come in and smoothly sweep you off your feet. There is an infectious vibe to her performance that is bolstered by the deep notes of the melody. The lighter tones of a piano come in a little later and add this light twinkle before the horns gentle nudge you from the side.

‘Stranger Danger’ has an electronic opening that is all wavering synths creating an airy and almost atmospheric vibe for the song. The piano line that enters with her vocals swings everything but keeps the atmospheric vibe. The beats and saxophone bring in the soul vibes and transport you to a whole new dimension. There is just something so groovy about this song that you can’t help but love it. It is a song that you can easily have on repeat.

‘Take This With You’ has an expansive and epic sounding opening. The notes make you think of something big coming and this feeling is added to by the vocal performance. The continuous building sensation of the track adds a sense of tension to it. This song has an edgier sound to it that is interesting when you consider the almost hazy vocals. All the elements in this track work together perfectly for a balanced track that you can’t stop listening to.

Next is the title track ‘Böughetto’ which has a range of melodic styles overlapping. You are hit with the light punch of rap at the start which transforms into some catchy RnB while the vocals continue the soulful vibes. This is the most creative track on the album and really showcases Schardinee’s versatility and sonic creativity. Her musicality also allows her to combine the different styles for a balanced song that works its way into your brain and will not budge.

The EP ends with ‘Jam’ which has a very jazz vibe to it. There is an airiness to the vocals of this track that combines with the shuffling beats and dripping notes for a true earworm track. The flow of the music and vocals makes you want to get down to the rhythm. This song is very different from the others on the album but is just as engaging and enjoyable.

Schardinee showcases her musical creativity and versatility in the soulful and lush tracks of Böughetto. Each track has its own style from jazz to RnB and soul, but some have a combination of everything. Throughout each single, the power of her performance soaks into you leaving you feeling that your time listening to the EP was well spent.

Find out more about Schardinee on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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