Sean Boots – Soon I’ll Be Moving On (2021)

A couple of decades after entering the post-grunge music scene, Seattle-based singer-songwriter Sean Boots is hitting the group running with intriguing original material. He might be a newbie on the scene as a solo artist; however, Boots is a multi-instrumentalist with an impressive resume. As frontman of pop-rock group Amateur Lovers, Boots performed alongside Ben Folds Five, the Dandy Warhols, Super Deluxe, Harvey Danger and the Bay City Rollers. In fact, their album Virgin White Lies was considered one of the “Underrated Albums of the 90s” by The Huffington Post. The latest addition to his new solo career is ‘Soon I’ll Be Moving On’.

Inspired by his resignation from Amateur Lovers, ‘Soon I’ll Be Moving On’ is an introspective track filled with angst, frustration and disappointment. One could rightly assume the song would be sung from Boots’ perspective; however, the narrative is unusually obscure looking at the situation from the bandmates’ view. It is this alteration of standpoint that causes a sense of cognitive dissonance but enhances the impassioned outrage of the protagonist.

While the track evokes feelings of rage and despair, it is done so with soft, sweet and soothing execution. Combining powerful guitar with charming piano backing, Boots invokes his 70s-esque inner rock god resulting in a robust, rich and bold track. Yet, the transition from Billy Joel piano to America meets Bon Jovi rock, Boots showcases his innovativeness and versatility as an artist. Oddly enough, the warmth of the vocals induces a spine-chilling ambience with a whimsical but empowering sound. A wonderfully complex track, ‘Soon I’ll Be Moving On’ looks at the fragility of the human spirit but with a passionate flair that lingers long after the song ends.

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