Second Hand Poet – I Wanna Watch TV (2020)

If Radiohead and Nirvana had a lovechild, but it was adopted and raised by Sonic Youth, then Second Hand Poet would be it. Hailing from Surrey, Second Hand Poet is a one-man music project from singer-songwriter Jamie Tipson. Gaining positive widespread coverage from his debut mini-album Songs For The Pyre and singles ‘I’ll Be Yours’, ‘Honeycomb’ and ‘Dust To Dust’, Tipson has been featured on BBC Introducing, Mogg Blog, Indie Music and BBC Radio 6. The latest addition to his growing discography is ‘I Wanna Watch TV’.

Written, recorded and produced via his label Pretty Thing Records, ‘I Wanna Watch TV’ is, according to Tipson, a “sarcastic indie grunge ballad.” Easily placed in the 90s Seattle grunge scene, this new single takes you on a three-minute walk through the reality of living and coping with the daily grind.

“I’ve tried to keep the songs on this record personal and relatable, almost like little stories. ‘I Wanna Watch TV’ is about having lots to juggle in day-to-day life and feeling selfishly sorry for yourself because in reality a lot of spare time is taken up with watching TV and socialising with drinks.” – Jamie Tipson on ‘I Wanna Watch TV’

Despite being an easy-going single that you can listen to while sitting back and having a smoke, ‘I Wanna Watch TV’ is quite a pensive and poignant track. Known for witty lyricism and insightful content, the single touches on elements of frustration and self-pity in a person’s life.

Lyrically, ‘I Wanna Watch TV’ is moving, but it is the gritty grungey sound of Second Hand Poet that brings it all home. Well layered and superbly textured, this guitar-driven track with bold, throaty vocals is a charming and sophisticated form of grunge poetry. What else can you expect from England’s Second Hand Poet?

For more from Second Hand Poet check out his Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Spotify.

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