Shakota – Notes 2 Self (2020)

Shakota is taking on a range of relatable themes with his debut EP Notes 2 Self. The 4-track EP touches on love, adolescence and questions on life as an 18-year-old. While he tries to create music that people his age can relate to, the questions and wonderings of the EP transcend age. Using hip-hop beats, alternative pop stylings and some rap vocals, he offers you a line while stating that you are not alone.

This debut EP might never have come to fruition if not for the lockdown measures. They inspired Shakota to start creating music that people are able to relate to their own lives. Created in his bedroom studio, the personal touch of the EP makes it real and authentic in a way that you can take with you after you have listened.

The EP starts with ‘Waiting’ which offers a lo-fi introduction to the project. There is an almost jazzy silken feeling to the horns that float in the background. The beats have a light touch of RnB to them while Shakota’s vocals continue the lo-fi vibes. The laid-back vibes of the music enhance the lyrics that talk about waiting for the right love to come along.

‘Morning Notes’ offers a more upbeat feeling but does not lose any of the lo-fi goodness of the opening. The beats have a more hip-hop vibe to them while the vocals hit you with a slow rap. There are these notes that twang and soar through you which are wonderful. The easy feeling of this track makes you think of lazy mornings when you have the time to think about all those questions you have about life. This is brought to life through the lyrics which are all the little thoughts that move through your brain just after waking.

‘Just Me’ takes a deeper turn as it considers problems in relationships and mental health. The opening melody hits you with an off-kilter feeling which sets the tone of the track. The movement of the melody brings a depressed sense to the music that is enhanced by the vocal delivery. There is a feeling of apathy and detachment within the vocals that perfectly highlights the lyrics. The lyrics are well worth a close listen as they hit all the feelings many people have.

The EP comes to an end with ‘3am’ which contains a little of all the tracks. There is a light feeling to the opening that slowly starts to fill you with some good vibes. This track is a perfect way to end the EP as it coves all the topics of the other tracks and brings them to light using day-to-day thoughts. The beats of in the low level of the melody get your head moving to them as you get lost in Shakota’s thoughts.

Shakota covers a lot of ground in the 4 tracks of his debut EP Notes 2 Self. Using some lo-fi tones, easy vocals and laid-back melodies, he draws you into lazy morning thoughts, problems in relationships and the wait for the right person to love. As a self-made debut EP, this really sets the bar for what is, hopefully, to come.

Find out more about Shakota on his Instagram and Spotify.

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