Silverbacks – Fad (2020)

Silverbacks is a five-piece punk band from Dublin, Ireland. They have independently released a few singles with a 70’s punk vibe, but now we have their new album Fads. The band consists of Daniel O’Kelly (vocals and guitar), Kilian O’Kelly (guitar and vocals), Emma Hanson (bass and vocals), Peader Kearney (guitar) and Gary Wickham (drums).

The album kicks off with ‘Dunkirk’ which starts with a bass line followed by drums and a guitar riff. It’s a very rocky, punky sound and extremely catchy. The track ‘Pink Tide’ starts with another great bass line and then the guitar riffs start – brilliant! The vocals again are great and it has a very catchy chorus. It’s about life in general and has great lyrics.

The track ‘Drink It Down’ has a great rock sound and sounds a lot like the band Squeeze. It has that great nostalgia punk-rock sound to it. The track ‘Dud’ has a very eerie sound that only lasts 31 seconds but really draws you in.

‘Just In The Band’ has a heavy rock sound that kicks in straight away. It’s great and the bass line is very strong. It has a very Franz Ferdinand sound to it: catchy and fun. The track ‘Muted Fold’ has beautiful vocals and a very captivating sound. It’s got great guitar riffs and bass line. ‘Last Orders’ has a great bass sound at the start. The vocals are amazing, the lyrics are great, the sound is very upbeat with amazing guitar riffs.

The album is great with amazing lyrics and catchy vocals. The band has a very good rock/punk sound that is a little nostalgic. If you’re a fan of Squeeze, The Jam or The Knack you will love these. The album is definitely a must.

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