Simon Paparo – Alchemy (2020)

Paulo Coelho’s book ‘The Alchemist’ is the basis of ‘Alchemy’ by Simon Paparo. After reading the book, he aimed to capture the joyous feeling he had and infuse any listener with it. The hope that is woven into each note and word of the single creates an almost anthem of hope that everyone just might need right now. While based on the book, you don’t need to know it or have read it to feel the warmth of this song.

The second single of Paparo’s upcoming second album, the track gives you a taste of what he has to offer. Using a melded yet balanced soundscape he draws you into his emotions and fills you with the vibes you just might need.

‘Alchemy’ uses a fun acoustic guitar opening to draw you into the vibe. The beats that come from the depths of the guitar add to the upbeat feeling of the melody. The movement of the melody has this uplifting and infectious vibe to it. There is no way that you can’t feel upbeat and filled with a sense of hope through the melody alone. That guitar line grabs your hand and has you skipping down the melody.

Over the upbeat and infectious melody is equally engaging vocals. Paparo’s vocals continue the hopeful and uplifting vibe of the song. You can almost imagine him singing this on a beach or as the sun rises over a savannah. The chorus is catchy and you will have it stuck in your head which is not a bad thing because it is so full of hope and good vibes.

Simon Paparo fills you with hope and joy through the infectious beats of ‘Alchemy’. While inspired by the emotions he felt reading ‘The Alchemist’, the single transcends this and becomes a hopeful anthem that you can listen to whenever you need a boost.

Find out more about Simon Paparo on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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