Skar de Line – Satisfied (2020)

Skar de Line is drawing on the duality of emotions for his dark cinematic single ‘Satisfied’. Touching on the power we have over our perception of ourselves, he tempers this with the alienation and loss of control we feel around people we don’t understand. While tapping into this, he also considers the disorientation that comes when we accomplish what we want only to find ourselves adrift without a purpose.

Keeping the distinctive sound of his debut single, de Line hits you with a darker electronic edge. Taking inspiration from cinematic soundtracks and electronic metal, he asks more questions than he answers. Continuing his fascination with humanities obsession with understanding itself, he will have you questioning yourself and considering life through a distorted lens.

‘Satisfied’ hits you with the dark tones from the first moment with an electronic pulse. This builds up in depth and energy as the song progresses. The pulsing tones of the melody form the darker emotions and the feeling of alienation many people feel. There are some drops in the melody before it picks up again and bangs against your brain. While the dark edges of the melody capture the darker emotions, his vocals offer the counter.

As the melody pulses through your brain, de Line’s vocals pull you into the questions of the lyrics. Through his performance, you are also provided with the other side of emotions. At times, the soaring vocals offer control over perceptions. However, he threads a note of disorientation into his performance which perfectly captures the emotional impact of the lyrics.

The duality of emotions and their toll on us is brought to vivid visual life in the official music video. The video builds the concepts of the song through a dark night in London. The darker emotions pulse through and creep up like smoke filling the streets. As the pressures of this dark single weigh on you, there is a cathartic ending to the video that lets you breathe.

Skar de Line uses his distinctive style to pulse the duality of emotions through your brain with ‘Satisfied’. The dark energy of the melody builds through the single only to dip allowing you to breathe easily at the end. His vocals ask more questions than they answer while offering a grounding against the darkness.

Find out more about Skar de Line on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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