Slow Pass – White Knuckles (2021)

With their single ‘White Knuckles’, Slow Pass are expanding on their rich and surreal sound. An entirely self-produced track, the lack of time constraints shines in the driving swag of the melody and the crafty vocals. With an almost decadent layering of sound, the single has you flying into the world of their music and happily getting lost in the forest of sound.

Ben Sparaco (vocals, guitar) and Adam Discipio (bass, vocals) first started playing together in Sparaco’s now defunct musical project Ben Sparaco and The New Effect. After hitting the road together, they started collaborating on new music that offered an inspired and innovative sound. Slow Pass was born from this slicing their way in the hearts of listeners with a driving indie rock flow.

‘White Knuckles’ has you swaying and tapping to the rhythm from the first second. There is a driving feeling to the opening that flows through you and has you running into the track. This dips for a lighter feeling while the beats continue to skip and hop through your bones. The grooving swagger to the melody doesn’t let up for a moment even as the synths, guitars and trumpet layer over it. Each element comes together for a rich sound that slides through you and has you gently moving to the music. This all builds up to a burst toward the end of the track that rises into the atmosphere before gently drifting down to let you go softly.

Calling out over the grooving melody is Sparaco’s vocals which are smooth and as rich as the music. He opens the track with an almost indulgent question that twists into seriously thought-provoking lyrics. There is an interesting mixture of imagery and direct wording in the lyrics that make the single really great to listen to. This blend has been masterfully crafted to match the lightness of the melody and lead you to the rising riffs. At times, the melody and vocals interact like they are two sides agreeing and pushing the messaging of the track home.

Slow Pass has you swaying to their rich tone with a swaggering melody and smooth yet questioning vocals in ‘White Knuckles’. The richness of the melody is amazing as each layer of sound enhances the last. While the vocals are smooth, they continue the rich depths of the music while getting you thinking about the lyrics.

Find out more about Slow Pass on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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