So So Sun – Nervous (2020)

New and past relationships have taken on a new light in view of the pandemic. This is what So So Sun considers in their single ‘Nervous’. Through their electronic pop soundscape, they offer an introspection on past experiences and the struggle of making new connections. The sharing of intimate moments with others were turned to digital meetings while perspectives on love and relationships shifted. All of this has been condensed into a consideration of how we move forward.

This introspective single comes from Freddy Armstrong (vocals, guitar, synths) and Christopher Robin Davy (guitar, synths, flugelhorn, percussion). The pair started expanding on some ideas Armstrong has in late 2018. Feeling limited by acoustic instrumentation, they branched out into the electronic world and the band was born.

The progressive opening of ‘Nervous’ creeps up on you from the depths. As you are slowly drawn into the single, you are covered in an interesting flow of instrumentation. This gives way to a more stable thread that rests in the low levels of the song while the vocals take centre stage. Electronic-tinged vocals combine with the beats of the melody to form the musical drive of the music. This is a very subtle drive as the music has a sombre march to it that makes you slow down and really think about the lyrics and messaging of the track.

Armstrong’s vocals are a slightly rough anchor against the flow of the music. His voice enters as a line for you to hold onto as you are filled with a sense of anxiety and nervousness. While his vocals are an anchor in the music, the emotions within his performance enhance the sinking feeling in your chest. The rise and fall of his performance bring the uncertainty of the world to sonic life while placing a knot in your throat. As the song progresses, there is a glimmer of light that breaks through the darkness with twinkling electronic tones.

So So Sun fills you with the uncertainty of anxiety before offering a line of light in the ambient flows of ‘Nervous’. A sombre melody combines with the edged vocals for a wash of mixed emotions that have you swallowing down a knot in your throat. The darkness of the track gives way to a glimmering light that is so delicate it might fade before you can grab onto it.

Find out more about So So Sun on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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